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Wan Wu Sports and Martial Arts Academy started out in April 2007 and we aim to provide a One-Stop Provider for all kinds of Martial Arts Equipments, Training Aids and Professional Coaching Services. We have been providing Martial Arts (Wushu), San Da (combat kickboxing/k-combat), Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi) and sports event to schools and company in Singapore.



We wish to expose everyone to the benefits and fun of Martial Arts in Sports form as well as to attain basic fitness and agility through other programmes.


Wushu Competition Achievements (Singapore)

Medals First Second Third Fourth Top10
2011 1 2 1 2 10
2010 1   2   8



Wushu Instructors

Tex, Toh Ban Chye (Head Wushu / Sanda / Kickboxing Instructor)

  • Founder of Wan Wu Sports and Martial Arts Academy
  • SNWF Certified Wushu Coach
  • SNWF Certified Wushu Judge
  • NROC Certified by SSC
  • Certified First Aider

Started Wushu at the late age of 18, the Nanyang Polytechnic Wushu and Sanda Club member trained himself for almost seven days a week over different locations in Singapore juggling between Wushu, Sanda, Lion Dance, Work and Study.

Not only did he strive his best in doing everything, most importantly he met a great teacher Mr Wong Soon Pei who is teaching Jing Wu Wushu and Hoksan Lion Dance.

On the second year of learning Wushu, Mr Toh was awarded for his effort in training by scoring 3rd in Traditional Chang Quan Routine and 3rd in Sanda 60kg catergory for both Interschool and National Competition.

Lim Yi Kuang (Assistant Wushu Instructor)

Yi Kuang has also attended the National Coaches Accreditations Programme (NCAP) Level 1 and is also First Aid Certified (Adult). Joined Judo during his secondary school days and is extremely dedicated to Wushu while in Junior College, Yi Kuang is our assistant coach and black belter in Wushu (Certified by Wan Wu Sports & Martial Arts Academy).

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